New Policies Approved by the Supreme Court

The Board revised three policies, Policies P-3.11, P-5.01 and P-7.01, which were transmitted to the Supreme Court for approval. On March 14, 2018, the Supeme Court approved the revised Policies. The revised Policies can be found under Rule 7, here

Policy P-3.11, Non-Standard Testing Accommodations, includes revised forms and report requirements. The new policy represents a move from requiring specific psychological and performance testing/evaluation to a more comprehensive individualized report that includes evaluative data specific to the taking of the bar examination. More information can be found under Non-Standard Testing here

Policy P-5.01 was amended to clarify when an application for admission without examination must be filed in order to practice pending admission pursuant to Rule 7, Section 5.01(g). Information regarding Practice Pending Admisison can be found here

Policy P-7.01, Foreign Educated Applicants, was amended after the amendment to Rule 7, Section 7.01, in January. The revised policy clarifies the additional documentation that must be filed. Further information regarding a foreign educated applicant's additional filing requirements can be found here for first time applicants and here for re-examination applicants; scroll to the bottom third of the page.