Supreme Court Approves August 2017 Petition to Amend Rule 7

The Tennessee Supreme Court entered an Order Amending Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 7, effective November 27, 2017, adopting the recommended changes included in the Petition filed by the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners (TNBLE) on August 15, 2017. The amendments (a) clarify that the Board may waive graduation from an unaccredited undergraduate institution if the applicant graduated with a Juris Doctor Degree from an ABA-accredited or Tennessee approved law school; (b) standardize the definition of "engaged in the practice of law" in Sections 2.02(c)(3) and 5.01(a)(3) and (g); (c) provide that the MPRE score must be achieved prior to eligibility for licensing; (d) remove the minimum required MPRE score from the Rule, to be established by Board policy and approved by the Court; (e) clarify the requirement that an applicant must have an active license in good standing for work to be considered the active practice of law except as otherwise provided in the Rule; (f) authorize disclosure of an applicant's practice pending admission or practice before admission status; (g) specify that character and fitness interviews are conducted for examination or re-examination applicants only; (h) require attorneys who register as In-House Counsel to register with the Board of Professional Responsibility within 30 days of approval of the application to register pursuant to Rule 7, Section 10.01 and (i) provide that a registered attorney's rights under Section 10.01 automatically terminate if the lawyer fails to register with the Board of Professional Responsibility within 30 days of approval. 

The Order and Appendix A can be found under the link for Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 7 in the header above or under Governing Authorities on any page on this website. Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 7 as amended has been updated, as well.