UBE Transfer Score - How to Apply

Instructions for applying for admission by transferred UBE score are now available on this website; however, please note application open dates and do not apply until then:

APPLICATIONS DO NOT OPEN UNTIL JANUARY 2, 2019; NCBE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL SHORTLY BEFORE THE TENNESSEE APPLICATIONS OPEN - Do NOT submit an NCBE background investigation for exam or comity admission; you must wait for the NCBE Background Investigation Application for UBE Score Transfer Applicants

The process for submitting an Application for Admission to the Tennessee Bar by Transferred Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) Score is completed online at synergy.tnble.com. Admission by Transfer UBE Score is governed by Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 7, Section 3.05 and Board Policy P-3.05.Complete instructions for the application process that will open January 2, 2019, can be found here.