Update to Board Policies and Procedures Raises Minimum MPRE Score

The Tennessee Supreme Court approved amendments to Board Policy and Procedures P-4.07(d). The new policy, effective for examination applicants beginning with the July 2018 examination, requires a minimum MPRE score of 82 to be eligible for licensing in Tennessee. Re-examination applicants who are not licensed in another jurisdiction may continue to use a score of 75 until successful on the bar exam or the MPRE score expires, whichever is earlier. For examination applicants licensed in another jurisdiction and relying on an otherwise expired score, the minimum MPRE score that will be required for licensing beginning with the July 2018 examination will be 82, regardless of whether it is a first time or re-examination application. Applicants who were successful on an examination prior to July 2018 and who have not yet been admitted, will be eligible for admission with a score of 75 or higher on the MPRE so long as they are admitted prior to expiration of bar examination scores.  Board Policies and Procedure is available here: http://www.tnble.org/tn-supreme-court-rule-7