How To Apply

How to Submit a Request for Non-Standard Testing Accommodations

In order to receive notice of deficiencies in your application, you must submit and pay the fee for your Exam Application by the Initial Deadline (December 1 for the February Exam; May 1 for the July exam).  

If you require non-standard testing, in addition to completing the Application for Admission by Examination or Re-Examination, you must complete the Request for Non-Standard Testing Accommodations available in Synergy online (it is on your Dashboard) and provide all information required in the supplemental forms. By submitting a Request for Non-Standard Testing Accommodations, you agree to the release of the application and attachments to an appropriate professional and agree to appear for assessment, if requested to do so by the Board. 

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You will need the following documentation on the prescribed forms to complete the application for upload to your NON-STANDARD TESTING APPLICATION IN SYNERGY (do not upload these forms to your exam application; select the non-standard testing request on your dashboard):

  • A description of your specific disability, when and how it was first identified, and the accommodations you are requesting to ameliorate the effect of the disability (FORM 1 - APPLICANT COMPLETES AND UPLOADS);
  • Information directly from your Qualified Professional confirming the need for and type of accommodations and copies of specific testing that has been done to confirm the disability (NST Forms 2A through 2E);
  • Documentation of any accommodation previously granted by your college, law school, and/or any standardized testing including the MPRE, LSAT, and bar examinations other than in TN (NST Form-3 and NST Form-4).
  • If a disability requiring accommodation arises after the deadline for submitting an application for examination, submit through Synergy an Emergency Requests for Accommodations, and all associated forms.  


The final deadline for filing an application for admission and the deadline for filing a Request for Non-Standard Testing are the same. An application for examination or re-examination must be submitted in order to submit a Request for Non-Standard Testing Accommodations. All forms required to be submitted with a Request for Non-Standard Testing Accommodations must be submitted on or before the final deadline for filing applications. Even if you have finalized your Synergy application, an application may be edited or supplemented by you and is not considered complete until the deadline has passed. You can continue to upload information to your application until the expiration of the final deadline, including submitting a Request for Non-Standard Testing Accommodation that arises after you submit your application but before the final deadline (December 20 for February or May 20 for July). The emergency request is to be used when the need for accommodation arises after the final deadline. 

If you use the Google Chrome browser, FORM 1 must be downloaded before it will work as a fillable .pdf. 




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