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Tennessee Board of Law Examiners

February 2021 Applications for Admission – Uniform Bar Examination

The Board will announce the date Applications for Admission to Tennessee for the February 2021 Uniform Bar Examination administration will be open [1]. The initial deadline under Board Policy P-3.03 is December 1. The final application deadline is December 21, 2020. For important information regarding deadlines and application requirements, please see “Admission by Exam Score” and “Governing Authorities.”


[1] By order of the Tennessee Supreme Court, entered September 25, 2020 and October 8, 2020.


The NCBE has informed the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners that they will permit the use of scratch paper for the MPT portion of the upcoming Admissions Assessment. Therefore, the Board has amended the policies and rules on scratch paper for the online Admissions Assessment. The General Information Manual has been updated[1] to include that examinees are permitted to use physical scratch paper and up to two non-digital pencils or pens on the MPT item, which is the first session of testing. You are not required to upload a new Acknowledgement of the General Information Manual, which prohibited the use of any paper on any portion of the exam. During the pre-test notices, there will be reminders regarding this policy that you will accept by clicking through to the next screen.

            The permission to use scratch paper and writing implements is limited to the MPT item. You must remove the scratch paper and writing implements from your testing space prior to the next testing session. Using scratch paper or any writing implement on any other portion of the Admissions Assessment (the MEE or MBE) will constitute test misconduct. Your scores will be nullified and you may be ordered to appear before the Board for a hearing regarding your character and fitness.

            During the MPT session only, you may use lined or unlined letter size paper that is otherwise blank. There is no limit on the amount of paper you may use, but the paper, pens, and/or pencils must be in your testing space when you begin testing; you cannot leave the testing space to get additional paper or writing implements.

[1] The revised Manual (TN Admissions Assessment General Information Manual – Addendum 1) has been uploaded to the Board website at here and here. Changes are as follows:

a)  Security Policy, Item 2, page 4, “Scrap paper, reference materials …” has been modified to include at the end of that bullet, “except that scratch paper is permitted for the MPT item only, as provided below;” and

b)  Assessment Procedures, Item 4, page 8, has been modified to include the updated policy on scratch paper.