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Tennessee Board of Law Examiners

February 2021 Exam Software Registration

UPDATE: Registration has been extended to 4:00 p.m. on FEBRUARY 1, 2021. You must register, download the Software, complete Mock Exam 1 and Mock Exam 2, and upload the files on or before the deadline or you will not be eligible to sit.

Registration for testing software opens January 14, 2021; Applicants will receive an email on or before the day registration opens from ExamSoft Support. Registration closes on January 29, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Central Time. In an effort to assist Applicants in registering with ExamSoft for the February 2021 bar examination, we offer the following important reminders and tips:

  1. The Institution ID is TNBar.
  2. The Applicant’s “NCBE” number is required for registration with ExamSoft. Each Applicant’s NCBE number that is on file with this office was sent to the Applicant in an email from the Board.
  3. Remember to include the letter “N” before entering the NCBE number.
  4. For returning users, it is recommended to UNINSTALL prior versions of the ExamSoft software, including those used in law school.  Then, make the payment first before trying to use Examplify (payment is the first step of the process). Once payment is completed, download the latest version of Examplify 2.6 and then register with credentials provided in the registration notice letter.

ExamSoft Requirements:

MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS for laptop or desktop compatibility for Windows and Mac computers can be found here: I-pads are not permitted for the bar examination.

Registration for download of the testing software will be done in time to provide applicants multiple opportunities to practice using the Software and virtual scratchpad. Spell-check and highlighting functions will be enabled for this exam.

Mock Exam and Downloads Requirements:

  • The mock exams are MANDATORY. Applicants will have the opportunity to take multiple mock exams in order to practice screen management and use of the virtual scratch paper.
  • Applicants who have not registered and downloaded the software, and completed both mock exams, by January 29, 2021, will be withdrawn from the exam and no refund will be issued from from ExamSoft. Board refund policies apply. 
  • As part of the ExamSoft registration process, applicants will set up their camera and microphone and MUST consent to collection of biometrics, which include facial features for identifying the applicant prior to each session. ​
    • A baseline photo will be taken during the mock exam which will be used during registration before each online session to verify the applicant’s identity.
    • Additionally, all examination sessions will be videotaped and recorded.
    • By consenting to the use of biometrics, the applicant agree to allow the sessions to be videotaped and recorded and understand that the videotape and recordings will be reviewed by live proctors to determine if Applicant engaged in any behaviors that will result in cancellation of the exam scores.
    • Applicants who do not wish to permit the collection of biometric data will not be permitted to take the February 2021 bar examination and must withdraw from the exam. Applications cannot be transferred to another exam. The deadline for withdrawal with a partial refund is February 1, 2021.
  • The Board will compare the baseline photo in the Examplify software to the photograph and ID uploaded with the application and again to the photo taken prior to each examination session on exam days.
  • Applicants will receive emails from ExamSoft and the Board when registration opens and before it closes with reminders about the Mock Exam and deadline dates.

Applicants must have internet access in order to start the exam and to upload answers. The full session and all keystrokes are recorded and uploaded with the answers so if internet service fails during the upload of answer files, exam materials can be retrieved.

TAKE THE MOCK EXAM MULTIPLE TIMES TO GAIN FAMILIARTY WITH THE SOFTWARE. Practice screen management and use of the virtual scratch paper (the equivalent of 12 sheets of blank paper).

The following is a list of behaviors or actions that may result in flags for monitoring:

  • Use of or presence of a cell phone, fit-bit, watch, camera other than the one in the laptop used for testing
  • Paper of any kind other than as permitted for the MPT ONLY
  • Headphones or earplugs of any type
  • Mirrors that can reflect the laptop screen
  • Anyone other than the examinee in the room
  • Talking, reading aloud, or other extraneous noise in the room in which the examinee is testing
  • Being out of the frame of the camera at any time, including standing up or walking around while testing; you must remain in the camera frame.

The Code of Conduct will be provided in the General Information Manual, which will be sent prior to February 1, 2021.

It is recommended that there be nothing that could be used to identify the applicant in the testing room i.e., do not have a framed diploma on the wall within the view of the camera.

The last day to withdraw from the February 2021 UBE with a refund is February 1, 2021 of $150.  After February 1, 2021, no refunds will be provided to anyone who withdraws or is withdrawn from the exam.