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Tennessee Board of Law Examiners

Proposed Amendments to Tenn. Sup. Ct. Rule 6 and Rule 7 Filed by Board

The Tennessee Board of Law Examiners filed a Petition to Amend Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 6 Governing Admission of Attorneys and Rule 7 Governing Licensing of Attorneys (No. ADM2022-01449). A copy of the Petition, which includes a summary of the proposed changes, as well as a red-line version and a conformed copy of the proposed changes can be found on the Governing Authorities page of this website.

The Supreme Court has ordered that comments be submitted to the Clerk of the Appellate Courts on or before January 20, 2023.

July 2022 Grade Release

UPDATE 10/10/22 The List of Successful Exam-Takers and Statistics for the July 2022 Uniform Bar Examination in Tennessee have been posted to the website. The overall pass rate is 62.36% for 736 exam-takers. There were 622 first-time exam-takers, 433 of whom passed the exam for a first-time pass rate of 69.61%.

Examinees have received an email with results. Any attachments to the email can be viewed in the email or in the “Letters” tab in the examinee Synergy account.