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Tennessee Board of Law Examiners

  1. What will be the format of the Admissions Assessment? The Admissions Assessment will include one Multistate Performance Test (MPT) item, three Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) questions, and 100 Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) questions. The Admissions Assessment will be administered in four test sessions of 90 minutes each. Testing will be two sessions from 11 – 12:30 and from 1 – 2:30 Central Time each day; there is one 30 minute break.
  2. What content will be tested on the Admissions Assessment? How will I know what to study? The Admissions Assessment will be the same content as the Uniform Bar Examination so you should study as you would for the UBE.
  3. Is the October 5 & 6, 2020 Admissions Assessment a UBE? Tennessee has canceled the administration of the July and Fall Uniform Bar Examination due to ongoing safety concerns and public health considerations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Admissions Assessment is comprised of materials provided by the National Conference of Bar Examiners but is not a Uniform Bar Examination. Applicants who are successful on the Admissions Assessment and who complete all requirements for admission will be licensed and admitted to the bar of Tennessee.
  4. Is the score that I earn on the Admissions Assessment portable like a UBE score? The Admissions Assessment does not result in a UBE score. However, the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners has entered into Reciprocity Agreements with Connecticut, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Ohio, who are offering the same online remote examination option on October 5 & 6, for transfer of scores to or from Tennessee. As agreements are reached, the list of reciprocal jurisdictions will be posted to the Board website. Your passing score qualifies you for admission in Tennessee just as any other bar examination would.
  5. I applied for the examination in Tennessee as well as another jurisdiction. The other jurisdiction is administering the UBE in early September. May I still take the Tennessee Admissions Assessment? No. A component of the Memorandum of Understanding with the NCBE permitting use of the MPT, MEE, and MBE for the online assessment limits the use of the test materials to applicants who have not taken a bar examination in July, September or October, 2020, that utilizes any of the NCBE test materials. If you take such an examination in July, September or October, you will not be permitted to take the Admissions Assessment. The Board will cross-check your name against the list of exam takers from exams administered in July, September or October, 2020, and if you are found to have taken a bar examination in another jurisdiction, you will be withdrawn from the Tennessee Admissions Assessment.
  6. Is there anything I need to do to be eligible to take the online testing option? If you completed a July 2020 application for admission by examination and have not been found ineligible to sit due to incomplete application or withdrawn your application, then you are eligible to participate in the online Admissions Assessment. If you requested to transfer your application to the February 2021 exam but now wish to withdraw that request and take the online Admissions Assessment, please email the Board at to withdraw your transfer request.  You will be contacted by the Board and ExamSoft regarding Registration for the remote testing software. You will be contacted by the Board and ExamSoft regarding Registration for the remote testing software.
  7. What is the cost of the remote testing software license fee? The laptop software license fee is $100.
  8. What do I do if I registered for laptop testing for the July exam and downloaded the software? Applicants who registered and downloaded the laptop testing software for the July exam will need to register for the remote testing software but will not have to pay another fee. The fee you paid for the July exam will transfer to the remote testing software. You will have to download different software, take a mandatory mock exam (even if you took the July 2020 mock exam) and must register your baseline image for registration.
  9. How do I transfer my application to the February 2021 UBE administration? Send an email to  to request transfer of your application to the February 2021 administration.
  10. What if I want to transfer my application to the July 2021 UBE administration? The Supreme Court order modifies section 11.03 of Rule 7 to permit an applicant to transfer the July 2020 application to February 2021 only. You will have to withdraw your application and reapply for the July 2021 examination when applications open on March 1.
  11. If I don’t have a pending application for admission for the July 2020 examination, may I apply for the online Admissions Assessment? No. Applications closed on May 20, 2020, and will not reopen until October 1 for applications for admission for the February 2021 examination.  The online Admissions Assessment is for July 2020 examination applicants only.
  12. Will there be limits on the number of people who may take the online Admissions Assessment? No. All applicants who completed a July 2020 application for admission by examination and who have not been found ineligible to sit due to incomplete application, transferred the application to the February 2021 examination, or withdrawn the application, will be eligible to take the Admissions Assessment, subject to signing and returning acknowledgements and releases that will be provided by the Board at least one month prior to the examination dates.
  13. What will I have to provide in order to take the exam online? You will need a computer or laptop with a camera and microphone and only one screen. Multiple screens are not permitted. You will need internet access for the exam-taker identification process and for upload of your exam answer files. You must be in a room by yourself that is free from extraneous noise that could interfere with the remote proctoring application. Additional requirements will be provided.
  14. How do I take the exam if I do not have a computer with a camera and microphone, an internet connection, or a private location in which to test? The Board will have some space for in-person testing, still using the laptop testing software but with the required equipment and internet connections, and will establish a process by which applicants can apply for this testing space. More information will be released by the Board at a later date.
  15. I applied for accommodations. How will this affect the way I test? Some accommodations can be provided with the remote testing options; however, accommodations that include breaks or extended time will require in-person testing. More information will be provided by the Board when your accommodation requests have been reviewed in light of this testing modality. Individual decisions regarding applicant accommodations requests will be sent directly to the applicant.
  16. What score must I earn to pass the Admissions Assessment? The Board has hired a psychometrician to assist in determining the minimum passing score that will be required on the Admissions Assessment, which may or may not be the same as the score required on the UBE. Scores will be reported on the same 400 point scale as used for a UBE score and the written component will be scaled to the objective, MBE score. The Admissions Assessment components will be weighted as follows: MBE – 50%, MPT – 20%, and MEE – 30%.
  17. When will results be released? The Board anticipates release of scores on December 7, 2020, by 2:00 p.m. Scores are only a part of the admissions process; you must complete the character and fitness requirements, the Tennessee Law Course and earn a passing MPRE score to be eligible for admission.
  18. What can I expect from the Board between now and the Admissions Assessment?
    • In late July or early August, you will receive notice that you have been assigned for a character and fitness interview. If you are licensed and in good standing in another U.S jurisdiction, you may not be required to be interviewed. Your interviewer will contact you to schedule your interview, which should be either in-person, if safe to do so, or by a remote video process such as Zoom or Skype.
    • Expect to receive the General Information Manual which will include valuable information regarding the Admissions Assessment, the laptop registration dates and a required acknowledgement that you must sign and return. The acknowledgement will include a Code of Conduct to which you must adhere.
    • Applicants testing in person will have additional acknowledgement requirements. Once you register for the laptop remote testing software, you will have to complete some training and a mock exam. It is critical to complete the training as you do not want to create “cheating” flags that will subject you to review by the Board.  
    • Remember that in Tennessee you can practice pending admission, under Rule 7, Sec. 10.04 for recent law school graduates with supervision and under Sec. 10.07 for those licensed in another U.S. jurisdiction. You need to register to practice under these provisions of Rule 7. You can find the registration information on our website here.
  19. I withdrew from the exam but received a refund of $150. Will I get an additional refund? Applicants who previously withdrew from the July 2020 examination and received a refund of less than $400 for a first time examination application or $200 for a re-examination application will receive an additional refund. It may take up to four weeks to process the refunds.