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Tennessee Board of Law Examiners

  1. What will be the format of the Remotely-Administered UBE? The remote-administered UBE will include the same test items as an in-person UBE: two Multistate Performance Test (MPT) items, six Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) questions, and 200 Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) questions. The Admissions Assessment will be administered in eight (8) test sessions of 90 minutes each. Standard testing begins at 9:00 a.m. Central Time and ends at 5:30 p.m.  each day. There are breaks of at least 30 minutes between each session.
  2. Will my score on the remotely-administered UBE be portable? Yes. The examination is a Uniform Bar Examination and scores are portable to other UBE jurisdictions.
  3. I applied for the examination in Tennessee as well as another jurisdiction. May I take the remotely-administered UBE in both jurisdictions? No. You cannot take the examination in two locations at one time. The Board will cross-check your name against the list of exam takers from other jurisdictions, and if you have applied in another jurisdiction, you will be required to withdraw from either Tennessee or the other jurisdiction.
  4. What is the cost of the remote testing software license fee? The laptop software license fee is $50.
  5. Will there be limits on the number of people who may take the remotely-administered UBE in Tennessee? No; however, all applicants must be bona fide applicants for admission to the Tennessee bar. Tennessee does not permit courtesy seating for the examination. All applications are for admission to Tennessee and require a background investigation. Regardless of where you are located for the examination, all times are prevailing Central time (standard in February and daylight savings time in July).
  6. What do I do if I don’t have a quiet space to test or reliable internet service? The Board will assist you if you need a quite place to test or reliable internet service. You must complete the Accessibility Request form, found here and submit it on or before the deadline for applications.
  7. What equipment and technology will I need in order to take the exam online? You will need a computer or laptop with an integrated web-camera and microphone and only one screen that meets ExamSoft’s recommended system requirements for ExamID and ExamMonitor found here: minimum system requirements. Multiple screens are not permitted. If you do not have an internal webcam and microphone, you may use and external, wired webcam with microphone that you will need to test during the mandatory mock exams. You will need internet access to download the software, for the exam-taker identification process at the beginning of the test session, and for upload of your exam answer files. WiFi is not required during the testing but is needed to login and to upload your answer filed.
  8. What testing conditions must be met?
    • Applicants must be alone in the room where they are taking the Assessment.
    • Applicants may not have a phone or other electronic device on their person or anywhere near the area where they are taking the Assessment.
    • Applicants may not wear headphones, headsets, or ear buds of any type. Hats and hoodies are not permitted but if a head covering is required for religious purposes, the head covering cannot obscure Applicant’s eyes and must be approved by the Board. Soft, foam ear plugs without a cord are permitted but at the beginning of each session, you must show the foam ear plugs to the camera and squeeze them prior to inserting into your ears.
    • Applicants may not have notes, scratch paper, bar review materials, other legal reference books and/or materials in the testing space, except that applicants are permitted to use scratch paper on the MPT ONLY.
    • Diplomas, photographs, or other items that might be used to identify the applicant should not be visible to the applicant’s webcam during the Assessment.
    • Applicants must remain seated with their face in full view of the webcam for the entire duration of each session, unless otherwise instructed due to accommodations that have been granted. Be sure to check the Monitor during the exam to be sure that you can be seen.
    • Applicants should be mindful of lighting during the examination, with light over the camera, like a ring light, rather than from behind. Lighting from behind obscures the video images, resulting in flags. Your scores may be disqualified and you may have to appear before the Board if the Board cannot see you in the videos.
    • Applicants may not eat during the session but may have water or other beverages in a clear, unlabeled container; food is not permitted absent accommodation.
    • Additional information will be provided in the General Instruction Manual that will be provided to each applicant prior to the Admissions Assessment.
  9. I applied for accommodations. How will this affect the way I test? Applicants with additional time can test remotely. Applicants testing with approved accommodations will test on a different schedule that will be provided to you, along with instructions for remote, online testing.
  10. What features will be enabled in the testing software?
    • On the MEE and MPT, applicants will be able to view the question and their response at the same time. For the MPT, applicants will be able to open the MPT library attachments and view both the attachments and applicant’s response on the screen. Applicants will be permitted to highlight within the text of the question but not within any attachment; have use of virtual scratch paper for each MPT and MEE question to outline their responses; be able to cut and paste between the virtual scrap paper and answer; and use spell-check, the highlighter, and “find and replace” features in the answer.
    • On the MBE, applicants will be able to highlight within the text of each question; strike out unwanted answers or answers you believe are incorrect (NOTE – you must still select an answer as your choice, not just strike those you think are incorrect, to receive credit for a correct answer); navigate forward and backward between questions as well as skip and/or return to unanswered questions during each session (but you cannot go back to a question from a previous session in a later session); flag multiple choice questions that you would like to return to during that session; and use virtual scratch paper for each question.
    • APPLICANTS WILL NOT BE ABLE to use multiple monitors, cut and paste, or drag and drop, text from the MPT or MEE question or the MPT library to their answer; underline, circle, or strike out any text in any of the MEE or MBE questions or the MPT materials; use any physical scratch paper on any session other than the MPT sessions, notes, or physical reference materials.
  11. When will results be released? The Board anticipates release of scores on April 29, 2021, by 2:00 p.m. Scores are only a part of the admissions process; you must complete the character and fitness requirements, the Tennessee Law Course and earn a passing MPRE score to be eligible for admission.
  12. What can I expect from the Board between the application deadline and grade release?
    • You will receive notice from the Board and from ExamSoft when registration for the software download opens. You will have to register, pay the fee to ExamSoft, download the software, and complete and upload two mock exams. It is critical to complete the training to familiarize yourself with the software. If you fail to complete the registration process, including uploading the completed mock exams, you will not be eligible to sit for the exam.
    • You will receive the General Information Manual at least one month before the exam, which includes valuable information regarding the examination, ExamSoft registration, Board policies and procedures, and a required acknowledgement that you must signed and return. The acknowledgement will include a Code of Conduct to which you must adhere. If you fail to upload the signed Acknowledgement by the deadline, you will not be eligible to sit for the examination.  
    • After the examination, you will receive access to the Tennessee Law Course and  you will receive notice that you have been assigned for a character and fitness interview. The interviews are usually assigned approximately 3 weeks after the examination. If you are licensed and in good standing in another U.S jurisdiction, you may not be required to be interviewed. Your interviewer will contact you to schedule your interview, which should be either in-person, if safe to do so, or by a remote video process such as Zoom or Skype. If you were interviewed less than 2 years ago, you will not be scheduled for an interview.
    • Remember that in Tennessee you can practice pending admission, under Rule 7, Sec. 10.04 for recent law school graduates with supervision and under Sec. 10.07 for those licensed in another U.S. jurisdiction. You need to register to practice under these provisions of Rule 7. You can find the registration information on our website here.
  13. What releases will I have to sign for the NCBE to proceed with testing?
    • Test materials used for the UBE are owned by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) and protected by US copyright law. Testing data for each examinee including, but not limited to, personally identifying information (PII), test responses, test performance data such as keystrokes and time spent on each item, and reports of irregularities, must be shared by Tennessee and ExamSoft with the NCBE. The PII shared is similar to the information collected by the NCBE as part of the MBE answer sheet on an in-person examination.
    • You will have to acknowledge the copyrights protections afforded the use of the NCBE test materials and may not share the content of the questions or answers.
  14. What data must I release to ExamSoft to take the remotely-administered UBE?
    • As part of the ExamSoft registration, applicants will set up their camera and microphone and MUST consent to collection of biometrics, which include facial features for identifying you prior to each session. ​
    • A baseline photo will be taken during the mock exam which will be used during registration before each online session to verify your identity.
    • Additionally, all remote testing sessions are recorded.
    • By consenting to the use of biometrics, you agree to allow recording of audio and video during each session and understand that the audio and video recordings will be reviewed by live proctors to determine if you engaged in any behaviors that will result in cancellation of your scores.
    • Applicants who do not wish to permit the collection of biometric data will not be permitted to take the remote examination and must withdraw from the exam.
  15. I am concerned about my privacy. Will the remote proctors have access to my personally identifying information (PII)?
    • No. Examinees will be assigned an “Applicant ID Number” which will be embedded in the testing software for your video and audio recordings, as well as on the answers sent to the graders. Your PII will not be attached to the files sent to the proctors or graders for review. Live proctors will not have access to your personal information. Click the link to read the ExamSoft privacy policy. Proctors do not have access to your application data, including the photo or the government ID you uploaded with your application.
  16. I am using a new MacBook with the M1 processor. Is it compatible with the ExamSoft software?
    1. Applicants using these Mac devices will be prompted to install Apple Rosetta 2 in order to use ExamSoft if it is not already running on the device.
  17. Where do I find passwords on test days?
    1. Applicants testing on the standard schedule will find the passwords on the following website: Standard Applicants should bookmark this website before exam day. Additionally, ExamSoft will email passwords to standard schedule applicants, to the email the applicant has on file with the Board.
    1. Applicants receiving non-standard testing accommodations will receive passwords via email through the email address the applicant has on file with the Board and will be provided a link to a secure site with the passwords prior to the exam.
    1. Passwords are released 15 minutes prior to the start of each session. Until you use the password and enter Examplify, you will remain connected to the internet so that you can access the password. You are not permitted to copy and paste the password; you must type it.
    1. You must enter the test session within 15 minutes after the start time for that session.


OFFICIAL EXAM FILES: On Tuesday, February 16, 2021, the official exam files will be available to Tennessee applicants for download. You will receive an email from ExamSoft about this process with step-by-step instructions for completing that process. You must download the exam files by the deadline of February 19, 2021 5:00 p.m. CT, to participate in the remotely administered UBE. We suggest that you complete the download as soon as it is available.