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COMPUTER-BASED TESTING – Terms, Conditions and Release of Liability (Appendix C-1 to Policy P-4.02(e) for Administration of the UBE)


Tennessee Board of Law Examiners

The UBE is administered in-person. Exam-takers wishing to use a computer to answer the MPT and MEE questions will have to register with ExamSoft during an open registration period to be announced, usually a month to 6 weeks prior to the examination. Exam-takers who do not register by the deadline will be required to handwrite the exam answers. The laptop computer is used for the first day of testing (MPT and MEE) only. The ExamSoft Examplify software limits access to anything other than the word processing function provided by the Software, and facilitates essential administrative functions.

All applicants will be sent an email from the ExamSoft to register for and download the software. It is highly recommended that Applicants who previously used Examplify or Softest from ExamSoft UNINSTALL all previous versions of the software prior to downloading the software for the UBE.

You will be required to pay a software license fee directly to the Software Provider at the time of online registration and prior to download of the Software. The Software registration fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE fee. You must register for the computer-based testing and pay the registration fee each time you take the exam. The license is a one-time test license; previously installed versions will not work for the current bar examination.

In order to test by laptop, you must:

  • Review items A. Terms, Conditions for Use of Laptop (Appendix C-1, below) for the UBE in Tennessee;
  • Review and agree to the terms in B. Release of Liability (Appendix C-1, below);
  • Register with ExamSoft during the registration period and pay the required fee; and
  • Download the testing software.

It is highly recommended that you review the MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS for laptop compatibility for EXAMPLIFY only, which can be found on the TBLE’s ExamSoft landing page at The ExamID and ExamMonitor software is not used for an in-person examination. The test questions will be delivered in printed test booklets. If you choose to type your answers, you will use the Examplify software to type your answers to the MPT and MEE questions. All exam-takers will mark answers on a Scantron sheet for the MBE.

By registering to test by laptop, you will be agreeing to terms and conditions of testing by laptop and use of your laptop. You must also agree to the Release of Liability. Be sure to read the Board Policies and Procedures and the communications from the Software Provider thoroughly prior to dowloading the Software.