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COMPUTER-BASED TESTING – Terms, Conditions and Release of Liability (Appendix C-2 to Policy P-4.02(e) for Remote Administration of the UBE)


Tennessee Board of Law Examiners

The July 2021 UBE will be administered and proctored remotely. All questions will be included in the software downloaded for the exam and must be answered on the computer using the required ExamSoft testing software.

The ExamSoft Examplify software limits access to anything other than the word processing function provided by the Software, and facilitates essential administrative functions. The software package will include ExamID, which uses biometric date to verify identity, and ExamMonitor, which will record each session for proctor review of your activities during the exam sessions.

To take the July 2021 UBE in Tennessee, you must register and download the ExamSoft testing software. All applicants will be sent an email from the ExamSoft to register for and download the software. It is highly recommended that Applicants who previously used Examplify or Softest from ExamSoft UNINSTALL all previous versions of the software prior to downloading the software for the UBE.

You will be required to pay a software license fee directly to the Software Provider at the time of online registration and prior to download of the Software. The Software registration fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE fee. You must register for the computer-based testing and pay the registration fee each time you take the exam. The license is a one-time test license; previously installed versions will not work for the current bar examination.

In order to test by computer, you must:

  • Review the requirements in Board Policies and Procedure, Appendix C-2, found under Governing Authorities and at the end of this page;
  • Register with ExamSoft during the registration period and pay the required fee;
  • Download the testing software;
  • Take the mock exams by the deadline (to be determined); and
  • Download the exam files by the deadline (these are available after the mock exam deadline).

Uniform Bar Examination materials are owned by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) and protected by US copyright law. Testing data for each examinee including, but not limited to, personally identifying information (PII), test responses, test performance data such as keystrokes and time spent on each item, and reports of irregularities, must be shared by Tennessee and ExamSoft with the NCBE. Examinees will have to agree to this release in order to proceed with the testing session as part of the pre-exam notices.

B. The July 2021 examination is a computer-based, remotely-proctored examination. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will not be in-person testing. Registration for download of the testing software will be done in time to provide applicants time to practice using the Software and virtual scratchpad. Applicants will need access to a quiet, private testing space, with sufficient internet service to login to the testing program and to upload exam files. Applicants do not need internet service while taking the test. For example, a cell phone hotspot is sufficient service for the ExamID login process. Applicants who do not have a quiet place to test or sufficient internet access may request assistance from the Board by completing the Accessibility Request form found at the end of this page.

C. MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS for laptop or desktop compatibility can be found on the TBLE’s ExamSoft landing page at An iPad is not compatible for the remotely-proctored UBE and cannot be used. Only one monitor can be used for the online examination. A “virtual scratchpad” that is the equivalent of 12 blank pages will be available for taking notes and outlining answers during the assessment. Applicants will have access to mock examinations to practice prior to the Admissions Assessment. Additional laptop testing information will be posted soon.

  • You will need sufficient RAM and space on the computer hard drive to process the exam and the answer, video, and audio files created during the exam. ExamSoft will be posting recommendations to its website which will be linked to the Tennessee landing page.