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Fees for Admission by Examination Score (Exam or Score Transfer)


Tennessee Board of Law Examiners

Fees for Admission by Examination Score (Exam or Score Transfer)

  • First-Time Examination in Tennessee: $625 
  • Re-Examination in Tennessee: $450
    • Refund Policy for First-Time or Re-Examination Fees
      • Non-transferable. Refund of $150 if found ineligible to sit or if written notice of withdrawal received by FEBRUARY 1 for February exam or by JULY 1 for July exam.
      • No Refund if Notice of Withdrawal Received after February 1 for February Exam or July 1 for July Exam or if you fail to show for any session of the exam
    • NOTE: For exam fees, there is no credit given for previously paid fees net of any refund. The previously paid fee is an administrative fee for processing the application.
    • Fees are due upon filing of an application. No step in the admissions process may be taken except upon payment of the fees required for that step. See Tenn. Sup. Ct. R. 7, §§ 11.01 -11.03
  • UBE Score Transfer Application: $625

        Miscellaneous Fees

  • Tennessee Law Course Fee: $15
  • Returned Check Fee: $40
  • Copy Fee: $20
  • Archive Fee: $40
  • License Fee: $150 (paid as part of registration with the Board of Professional Responsibility)
  • Reissue License: $35
  • Supervised Practice or Practice Pending Admission Registration (§§ 10.04 or 10.07): $40
  • Practice Pending Admission Re-registration: $25
  • Re‐Activate Admission Application[i]: $375  


  1. Application for Admission Fees can be paid online by credit card: Credit card service fees, sometimes called convenience fees, will be paid directly to the vendor in a separate transaction. Online payment is not available for miscellaneous fees.
  2. Application fees may be paid by check or money order and mailed to the BLE office or paid in person by check, money order, or cash.
  3. Regardless of method of payment, exam fees other than those paid online must be received on or before the office closes at 4:30 p.m. prevailing Central time (CST/CDT) on the day of the deadline. This is a received by deadline, not a postmark deadline. 

[i] Exam Scores are valid for three years but applicants approved for licensing must complete the Tennessee Law Course and take the oath of admission, completing the licensing process within 2 years. Applicants with valid scores but an expired application shall submit a Re‐Activation Application, a supplemental NCBE application and request for background investigation, and pay the fee. Upon receipt of the completed supplemental background investigation and approval by the Board, an amended Certificate of Eligibility will be issued.